Video Game Exchange



We buy, sell, trade, and repair most anything game related. We offer repairs on most gaming consoles below. We also offer disc resurfacing that can repair most scratched discs. Occasionally we repair controllers, but they are taken in on a per case basis. If you have a question about a specific repair, please call our store at (435)-656-5777(435)-656-5777.

We order and carry new cables and power supplies for many of your retro systems, as well as after market controllers for NES, Super Nintendo, GameCube, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, Genesis, N64, original XBOX, and Wii.

Sell Your Old Games and Systems

Bring in your old video game items and receive cash or credit towards other store items. We’ll take all things game related from games and consoles to toys.

We are looking for items in good condition. Systems should be complete with all cords and at least one controller. We will also buy broken systems or systems that are not complete. Do you have just controllers, cords, and other game related items. We also buy strategy guides, DVDs, Blu-rays, game boxes, Amibos, and other things. Since sometimes we buy some unique items, we have a wide selection of items for sale.

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We offer reapirs on most gaming consoles above. We also offer disc resurfacing that can repair most scratched discs. We do occationally repair some controllers. Please call our store at (435)-656-5777(435)-656-5777 for more information on a specific repair.